What we do

The DC3 does anything and everything needed to treat the “whole” patient, regardless of the benefits covered by Medi-Cal or Medicare. The DC3 looks to provide any service or benefit that will make the patient better. The DC3 does not bill anyone. It’s designed not as a revenue generator but rather as a cost ameliorator. This is only possible because of aligned financial incentives, population analytics, and advanced care coordination. By applying financial incentives and the principles of a team approach to coordinated care, the member gets better and we save valuable healthcare resources.

How We Innovate Healthcare

Experiment, Learn and Adapt. Our teams are constantly experimenting because experimentation leads to learning, which allows us to adapt to the changing healthcare environment. In 2012 we began working with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) and Rutgers University to try replicate Dr. Jeffrey Brenner’s success at the Camden Healthcare Provider Coalition. The results have been exciting! Watch the video below to learn more.